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Australian Musical Theatre Festival

2023 Schools Program

The hotly-anticipated Festival offers incredible opportunities for teachers and students to get involved in this welcoming, creative, ever-enthusiastic and family-friendly art form.

The five-day event includes a dedicated schools program designed to inspire and enthuse students, while building their creative and social skills. Students can participate in workshops with professional musical theatre teachers and performers, watch shows, perform in public and meet new musical theatre-loving friends.

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Upcoming Events

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"It was incredible to do what I love again after so long, to be vulnerable, and to see how almost effortlessly my performance would transform because of how skilled these performers were in teaching me! The environment was safe and I really appreciated that."

2023 Festival Artists

David Hobson
Todd McKenney
Elenoa Rokobaro
Rachael Beck
Robin McLeavy
Amanda Hodder
Tyran Parke
Maria Lurighi
Andrew Hallsworth
Pussay Poppins
Queenie van de Zandt
Matt Heyward
Ylaria Rogers
Shanice Osita Chuku
Jodie Harris
Vicky Jacobs
Loren Hunter
Lisa Crosato
Mia Palencia
Vicki Madden
Andrew Morrisby
Miranda Middleton
Rod Anderson
Adam Wheeler
Karen Klaus
Clare Chihambakwe
Henry Jaksetic
Phoenix Jackson Mendoza
Nicole Simms-Farrow
Dean Cocker
Christopher Bryg
Natalie Hillar
Meg Hoult
Travis Hennessy
Gerard Lane
Samantha Hammersley
Rob Dawson
Emily Paddon-Brown
Brooke Targett
Erica Collis Oates
Sarah Morrisby
Nathan Wheldon
Deklan Hass
Ellie Baker
Peter Waddle

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