15-19 May 2024
With the autumn sunshine as a spotlight,
and Launceston as the stage,
the Australian Musical Theatre Festival presents
five days of specially curated experiences in
stunning lutruwita/Tasmania this May.
Whether it’s a brand new presentation
of your favourite musical,
a chance to get to know Australia’s greatest stars,
or simply a reason to explore a city full of stories,
we invite you to join us AND
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2023 Schools Program

The hotly-anticipated Festival offers incredible opportunities for teachers and students to get involved in this welcoming, creative, ever-enthusiastic and family-friendly art form.

The five-day event includes a dedicated schools program designed to inspire and enthuse students, while building their creative and social skills. Students can participate in workshops with professional musical theatre teachers and performers, watch shows, perform in public and meet new musical theatre-loving friends.

group of students dancing in white bright studio

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Performances

15 May

Having had his songs performed by the likes of Judy Collins, Yo-Yo Ma, Art Garfunkel, Audra MacDonald, Patti LuPone and Liza Minnelli, Broadway’s John Bucchino is one of North America’s most successful songwriters. 

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16 May

Calling all emerging musical theatre superstars… this is your chance to shine!

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16 May

When award winning performer Natalie Gamsu’s partner turned to her and said, “Darling, do you think you were a flamenco dancer in a past life?”, she decided that yes, she was.

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17 May

In this brand-new take on an established classic, Launceston’s Old Brisbane Arcade becomes the star. 

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17 May

While flipping through an old photo album, Kerrie Anne Greenland invites you to go on a funny and heartfelt journey through her life and the life of movie musicals. 

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18 May

Did you know that Launceston once boasted more theatres per capita than anywhere in the world? 

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18 May

From Les Misérables to Mamma Mia, Wicked and The Lion King, this exciting performance of song salutes the best of Broadway with Australia’s leading performers in one unmissable night at Launceston’s Princess Theatre.

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19 May

Enjoy a morning of Tasmanian food and beautiful scenery while choosing your own interactive, musical theatre journey of songs, quizzes & anecdotes, performed by the multi-award-winning Queenie van de Zandt.

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19 May

In the most audacious grand finale in Australian Musical Theatre Festival history, the Princess Theatre stage becomes a place of self-transformation in NINE.

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2023 Festival Artists

Des Flanagan
John Bucchino
Patrice Tipoki
Natalie Gamsu
Prophecy Mudzingwa
Tyran Parke
Queenie van de Zandt
Ylaria Rogers
Jodie Harris
Mia Palencia
Peter Rutherford
Andrew Morrisby
Rod Anderson
Kerrie Anne Greeland
Nicole Simms-Farrow
Christopher Bryg
Gerard Lane
Samantha Hammersley
Deklan Hass
Aaron Beck
Dana Jolly
Kane Alexander
Lincoln Kirschbaum
Andrew Keegan
Max Macdonald
Alex Mulcahy
Madison Russo
Brittany Biles
Tarrant Edwards
Jacqui Hall Cuny

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