The ‘special events' are available to EVERYONE and are a mix of classes, performances and panels.


  • The Theatre Council of Tasmania are presenting acclaimed Director, Roger Hodgman in a workshop on directing as well as a session joined by Dr Asher Warren for those interested in CREATING musicals.

  •  ‘Choir in the Pub’ for those not wanting to step out on their own but eager to join their voices in song, in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Festival Mega-Workshop is a chance to learn a song and dance routine with a huge group (and perform it at a secret location if desired).

  • Celebrity Masterclass is with ALL of our headliners combined

  • Diversity panel discussion is a FREE event to attend. 

Directing Musicals 1472x827.jpg


Presented by Theatre Council of Tasmania.

“Do the work, do it now

If you’ve something to say, then say it

Find your team, find your voice

Put it out into the world” Prince of Broadway

The Festival could not be more excited to welcome theatre royalty in the form of Roger Hodgman. He is a master of The Musical Theatre and is able to move between genres effortlessly, having directed countless musicals from ‘Sweeney Todd’ to ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. Having directed many Australian premiere’s, he will next direct, ‘The Who’s Tommy’ for Victorian Opera.


This workshop will be an engaging investigation in many aspects of Directing including how to clarify your vision, share it with your team and use it to inspire and unify your rehearsal process. 

TIME: 2pm - 5pm

WHO: Roger Hodgman  

Festival Mega Workshop 1472x827.jpg


“Mamma Mia, here I go again, 

My, My, how can I resist you” Mamma Mia!

Get your platform shoes on, shake off your sequins and prepare to learn a routine direct from one of the world’s all-time favourite musicals! This is a way to bring everyone together, regardless of skill or experience level with Star of Mamma Mia, Natalie O’Donnell and Choreographer, Deone Zanotto in a true celebration of the joy of Musical Theatre. Warning, glitter may be used!

TIME: 2pm - 5pm

WHO: Natalie O’Donnell, Deone Zanotto

Diversity Panel 1472x827.jpg


“I know that the night must end
And that the clouds must clear
The sun, the sun will rise” The Lion King


As Australia continues to grapple with diversity and inclusion in a traditionally whitewashed presentation of musicals, this panel investigates our troubling past, highlighting the errors of our history, the crippling effect on minority groups and the ways we may positively move forward, doing better for all and ensuring our musicals represent our society with openness and respect. This is free event presented in association with ‘We The Industry’. We The Industry Inc. is a charitable organisation that strives for inclusivity across all disciplines in Australian Theatre. It connects aspiring theatre professionals to Australia's leading institutions to make the theatre industry look more like the world today.

Let's be on the right side of history.


TIME: 11am - 1pm

WHO: Callum Francis and others 

Copy of Choir In The Pub.png




“One day more; another day another destiny” Les Miserables 

Since premiering in 2019, this weekly event has become a cultural beacon in Launceston and for the week of the Festival, it takes a leap into the world of Musical Theatre.


Let out your inner Jean Valjean, Eponine or Enjolras as local Song master Travis Hennessey takes on the finale to end all finale’s…One Day More!


The concept is easy, come enjoy a beer and learn a song in a supportive group, (harmonies and all, but don’t fret- help is only a semitone away!) while enjoying the health benefits of community singing.


Entry is by donation and all donations go to the Charity, Headspace promoting mental health awareness in Launceston.


A perfect event prior to ‘Once in a Blue Moon’- and only 5minutes up the road! 

Watch Choir in the Pub’s previous offerings at their own YouTube channel;

TIME: 6pm - 7.30pm

WHO: Travis Hennessey 

Celebrity Masterclass 1472x827.jpg


“So let the sun come streaming in
‘Cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again
If you only look around
You will be found” Dear Evan Hansen 


This workshop is the highlight of our education series where students get to watch all three of our headliners work with participants to unlock the performance secrets that has led to their success.


This promises to be a masterclass where everyone learns how to get the best out of songs and is valuable to Performers, Teachers, Directors or Musical Directors.

TIME: 2.30pm - 5.30pm

WHO: Callum Francis, Simon Gleeson, Natalie O’Donnell, Michael Tyack

Telling Stories 1472x827.jpg


Presented by Theatre Council of Tasmania

“Finishing the hat, how you have to finish the hat” Sunday in the Park with George

The dual role of the creative team is to tell the story and honour the writer. In every great production, each member of the team is working for this singular goal.


This workshop will be focussed on creators of stories; writers, actors, musicians, composers, designers and any theatre maker who wants to better understand the creative process. 


Ever had a great idea for a song but couldn’t write the music? Well, as part of this session Dr Asher Warren from the University of Tasmania will introduce the project ‘Living Room Musicals’. This is an initiative that aims to encourage Australians to tell their own, local stories – through the use of a do-it yourself toolkit of original compositions by some of Tasmania’s leading composers. Inspired by the traditions of salon theatre and childhood play, the toolkit encourages the performance of these stories as small-scale productions by individuals, groups or families within their homes.

It also provides a great framework to investigate telling stories through songs. 

TIME: 2pm - 5pm

WHO: Roger Hodgman, Dr Asher Warren

Dancing for Musical  Theatre 2898x2360.


"We made a lot of Music Dancing, you and I" A Chorus Line

Ever wanted to be in ‘A Chorus Line’? Well, come along and learn from someone who was there! This is a special additional class programmed to meet the popular demand for a high energy Musical Theatre dance class, with one of the best in the business. Deone has made a career dancing the choreography of Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins and Michael Bennett all over the world. She first appeared in ‘A Chorus Line’ on Broadway and played Cassie in the most recent Australian production. No matter your experience, Deone will extend your skills through the choreography brought from Broadway to Launceston! 

TIME: 2.30pm - 5.30pm

WHO: Deone Zanotto