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Intimacy Coordination

The Australian Musical Theatre Festival prides itself on bringing together our arts community with industry leaders well versed in current issues and innovation within the theatre industry. The introduction of trained Intimacy Co-ordinators in Australia over the past three years, has meant a more empowering, more supportive and more inclusive industry for all.

Like a Fight Director assists with a fight scene, or a Choreographer with a dance number, Intimacy Co-ordinators do the same with intimate scenes. An Intimacy Co-ordinator is a conduit to empower performers to physically realise their director's vision for intimate scenes.

The process of Intimacy Co-ordination enables performers to physicalise the intimate scene so that it is repeatable, based on character not personal experience, and respectful of physical boundaries.

Intimacy Co-ordinator, Chloe Dallimore will chair this presentation covering the origins and importance of this work, providing context, concepts, and links for further development, and understanding in this area. Along the way she will delve into some of the following questions:

- What is Intimacy?

- What is Consent and why is it important in theatre productions?

- How can an Intimacy Co-ordinator help your performance/ theatre production?

- When is an Intimacy Co-ordinator recommended for consultation/ in rehearsal?

- What is De-roleing and why is it important?

A session not to be missed.

Important Information

Please note this is an open education session involving questions and answers, the content of which means this session is available only to those 18 and above.

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May 21, 2022

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11:30am - 1:00pm


FREE - Bookings Required

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Launceston College

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Chloe Dallimore

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Chloe Dallimore

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